Cross Country and Mountain Skiing

Prepared trails: 156 km

Altitude: 950 m. asl.

Season: November–April

Venabygdsfjellet has a uniquely varied ski trail area in the beautiful natural surroundings to the south of the Rondane National Park. It’s possible to combine ski tours in both the open mountain landscapes and the sheltered birch forest. The area is suitable for those who enjoy the prepared trails (løypa) or those who like to explore the mountains without them. Once tried, you’ll be sure to return!


Guided Tours, Cross Country Ski Lessons, Ski Hire
Venabu Fjellhotell runs a full programme of guided cross country ski tours, snowshoe tours and cross country ski lessons, to suit all levels of skier, throughout the winter season. Later in the season, as the days get longer, they offer offtrack Ski Safari weeks for more experienced skiers who want to explore the mountains beyond the trail network. For skiers who enjoy learning, and would like to develop their skiing, Venabu now offers an innovative ski skills course to help you Become a Better Skier.

Venabu Fjellhotell also offers expert advice on ski equipment and ski servicing, along with cross country ski and snowshoe hire.

Hiring mountain skis
Spidsbergseter Resort Rondane has new, modern skis for hire. Their ski room has been described as “Norway’s cosiest” and includes an open fire and warm drinks. There is also an activities leader who can help with hire of both skis, boots & sticks as well as snowshoes, “pulks” and sledging equipement


Daily Ski Trail advice
If you want advice about the best trail to take on any day, why not visit the website which shows which trails have been freshly prepared. Or call in at one of the businesses who will be more than happy to offer advice!


Popular cross country trips at Venabygdsfjellet:


10–14 km depending on start location

Se kart over Dynjefjell-løypa

Varied trail in both birch forest and open plateau. You can take this trip from any of the hotels and cabins. Waypoints include  Nausterhaugen and then around Dynjefjell via Fjellmillom, returning via Lundtjønn and Granhaugen.


About  7 km round trip from Venastul

Se map of Forbundsfjell-løypa

Trail goes over the summit of Forbundsfjellet and the rewards are excellent views. The terrain includes one steep ascent/descent and is mostly in the birsh forest.

Fremre Uksan

About 10–14 km depending on start location.

See map of Fremre Uksan-løypa

Lovely trail in the open mountains with some steep climbs and descents. Trail goes via following waypoints: Øygardseter – Bøllia – Fremre Uksan – Dørhøgda – Kvanndalen – Flaksjøen and return to  Spidsbergseter, Venabu or Lundes. Gentle climb from Bøllia, then steep towards Dørhøgda before nice descent from there. A bit trickier descent through Kvanndalen to Flaksjøen then flat terrain to return.

Indre Uksan

Trail is about 12 km from Spidsbegseter and can be made shorter or longer.

See map of Indre Uksan-løypa

This is a trail which ventures into the National Park. It’s a sheltered ascent through Kvanndalen from the lake at Flaksjoen. The view appears quite spectacularly at the top, maybe you’ll even see some reindeer. At Dørhøgda, take the trail left to Indre Uksan and return via  Fremre Uksan – Bøllia – Øygardseter.

The trail crosses no roads or open streams and is a great trail in untouched nature. Some lovely downhill sections in well prepared trails.


About 6 km for the trail around, more to get there.

See mapt of Kyrkjegardsfjell-løypa

Sheltered trail in the forest with mostly undulating terrain. Start from the top of Langbakken.

Svartfjell rundt

About 10–14 km depending on start location

See map of Svartfjell rundt-løypa

Fantastic trail, but requires good technique. The trail includes part birch forest, art open mountain and includes good views of Rondane mountains. Go via the waypoint at Nausterhaugen and around the mountain via Fjellmillom. Steep uphill from Fjellmillom. The descent from the summit is steep down to Flaksjoen but fun for experienced skiers.


Trail around Trabelia is about 10km, but can be extended with other routes.

See map of Trabelifjell-løypa

Starting at Lundes, the trail goes via the following waypoints: Granhaugen – Lundtjønn – Svarttippa – Rauhaugen – Trabelia and returns via Langbakken  –Rondevegen.

At Trabelia you have a choice to go steeply up and down over the Trabelia summit or cross the road and go around it.

Varied and fun terrain with great trails. For the most part in sheltered forest, which after snowfall will see you looking for trolls round every corner.


 6 km circuit

See map of Trimløypa

Start at Venabu. The trail is sheltered by the birch forest and is perfect for a windy day. Cross the road to Myvegen and then right at  Myåsen. Gentle terrain to Moaseter and return to Venabu crossing the road.

Trolløypa to Øksendalen

25 km

See map of Trolløypa to Øksendalen

This trail  goes through open mountain terrain. Cross the road at Øygardseter or Saltashaugen and follow the signposts to Øksendalen.

If you wish to be collected at the other end, contact one of the hotels or cabin owners.

If you’re up for a real expedition, then it is possible to ski the full length of the Troll løypa trails from Høvringen to Lillehammer. Read more about a package tour with Discover Norway here.

Welcome to Venabygdsfjellet!

Venabygdsfjellet is a mountain area that lies between Gudbrandsdalen and Østerdalen in the municipality of Ringebu. From December to April, Venabygdsfjellet is snow-proof with a stable winter climate and fantastic ski terrain.

Venabygdsfjellet is located south of Rondane National Park between Gudbrandsdalen and Østerdalen. The altitude is between 850 &1000 metres, so the terrain lies partly in the birch forest belt and partly above the tree line. The mountain peaks are located at 1200–1400 meters and offer wide views of all directions.