Horseback Riding

Foto: Olav Storm, Kristine Øihaugen og Hanne Normann Tvete

Riding in the mountains:  Week 25–41 (mid June to early October).
Suitable for all ages and ability.

Sleigh rides: December–April.
For individuals and groups.

Waggon rides:
Weeks 25–41. For groups.

Wedding carriage: On request.

Venabustallen offers horse riding, waggon tours and sleigh rides. The main season is from mid-June to early October.

Riding holidays and weekends can be pre-booked as package tours, including full board at Venabu Fjellhotell. Individual trips can be booked separately. Every day there is a selection of instruction, 1 – 4 hour trips or hand led trips for the youngest ones (or less confident). Each week in the Summer there’s also a whole day trip including lunch at the summer farm on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

For groups, we arrange a trip with several horses and waggon. In the Winter months there are weekly torchlit sleigh rides. The stables can also offer a wedding carriage from the mountain chapel to any of the businesses on the plateau.

Venabustallen offers full flexibilty and is happy to tailor-make a package to suit your needs!

Popular riding trips at Venabygdsfjellet:

Riding holidays & weekends

Weeks 25–41

All abilities

Age limits:
8 years old (beginner trips), 12 years old (experienced)

Venabustallen arranges four different packages where riding and full board are included.

Riding holiday for beginners (Sunday–Thursday) and Riding weekend for beginners (Freday–Sunday) are suitable for inexperienced riders who wish to feel safe and experience the mountains in a different way.

Riders who are happy to canter and gallop are welcome to take part in the riding holiday and weekend for experienced riders.

Find out more about these holidays

Bestill rideferie eller -weekend

Day trips on horseback

June, July & August


Ability level:
For riders happy to canter and gallop


Age limit:
12 years old


Fancy a whole day on horseback?


Every Tuesday and Saturday, we arrange day trips for experienced riders.
Tuesday sees us ride to a summer farm, where we are served traditional foods – an experience never to forget.
Saturday we enjoy lunch over an open fire with famous sausages from Anni’s shop in Ringebu, vegetables and a chocolate dessert. Yummy!



Book a day trip


1-, 2-, 3- & 4-hour trips

Weeks 25–41 (only 1- & 2-hour trips in weeks 40 and 41)

Ability level:
Suitable for all abilities

Age limits:
From 8 years old

Venabustallen arranges riding trips every day. A 1 hour trip is suitable for everyone and is designed for beginners. If you’ve never ridden before we recommend and hours instruction followed by a 1 hour trip

For riders happy at a gentle canter we recommend a 2 hour trip. Our 3- and 4-hour trips are designed for those who are comfortable at a gallop.

If you’re not sure, ask us for advice or book a 1-hour instruction and we can help you decide

Bestill ridetur


Ability level:
Suitable for all abilities

Age limit:
7 years old

Instruction is recommended for those who have little or no riding experience, or are a bit “rusty”. In a safe environment, our experienced instructor will teach you the necessary skills and techniques to take part in one of our shorter tours. One hour should see you be able to start and stop the horse safely, turning left and right as well as a gentle trot. You’ll also do some balancing exercises.

Book instruction with or without a riding trip

Group riding or tailor-made trips

bility level:
Suitable for all abilities

Age limit:
No age limit

If you’re a large group or need and activity for people with disabilities, drop us an e-mail. We’re flexible and can tailor a solution just for you

Ask for a tailor-made solution

Hand-led trips

. Ability level:
Suitable for all abilities

Age limit:
No age limits

15 or 30 minutes

These super safe trips see each horse led by one of our team. They are perfect for smaller children, someone who has never ridden before or feels a bit nervous about controlling a horse. We have horses with a gentle temperament especially selected for these trips. A great first introduction!.

Wedding horse and carriage

We have several experienced horses who are used to pulling a carriage. What better way to use a horse and carriage to transport you to and from your wedding at the Venabygd mountain chapel.

We offer trips to the following venues:

Venabu Fjellhotell, Spidsbergseter Resort Rondane, Lundes, Barnåla & Venabygd Fjellkapell.

Sleigh Rides

Throughout the Winter we have torchlit sleigh rides once a week, in school holidays they’re every day. The trips take about half an hour and finish with some lovely warm “gløgg”.

Enjoy a beautiful winter evening with the sound of horses hooves and carriage bells. The sleighs are equipped with woollen blankets and reindeer skins and everyone is provided with a burning torch to light the way! 

Welcome to Venabygdsfjellet!

Venabygdsfjellet is a mountain area that lies between Gudbrandsdalen and Østerdalen in the municipality of Ringebu. From December to April, Venabygdsfjellet is snow-proof with a stable winter climate and fantastic ski terrain.

Venabygdsfjellet is located south of Rondane National Park between Gudbrandsdalen and Østerdalen. The altitude is between 850 &1000 metres, so the terrain lies partly in the birch forest belt and partly above the tree line. The mountain peaks are located at 1200–1400 meters and offer wide views of all directions.